21 Responses to “Fox Shaming”

  1. Shawn

    I am laughing because he doesn’t care but amazed that someone actually has a fox for a pet?? I’m surprised that is legal and safe enough to have a leash for him! (Him or her??)

  2. Burger Meister

    Wow! I know there are some states that allow Foxes as pets…but I have never actually heard of anyone having one! Beautiful animal!!!! Though, looking at this baby’s coloring…I’m guessing he may be a hybrid?

    • Jay jay

      When they started breeding for temperament in Russia they noticed a lot of morphological changes as well, such as changes in color, changes in limb length, and some foxes started having curly tails ;)

  3. zomg

    oh my god, where are you can have a fox? I want one but they’re illegal in Oregon for some stupid reason.


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