19 Responses to “African Grey Shaming?”

  1. chelsea

    I need that sign! I have a Yellow Naped and he is so mean. He loves my husband but hates me and bites me every chance he gets.

  2. jill

    Ha ha! I need that sign. I love my umbrella cockatoo to pieces & most of the time she’s a lovely sweet girl but every so often she becomes possessed & hungry for the taste of human flesh.

  3. george

    It’s always the funny looking dogs that bite. I bet, he’s trying to tell you something.
    (Like maybe he’s not a fluffy dog that wants to be petted? Just guessing)

  4. bobcat4424

    LOL — I have a Timneh and a significant number of scars to sow for it. I love the bird dearly, but he can be a handful when he decides to assert himself. I will say that I have never been bitten without being warned first. But sometimes it just has to be my way or the airways and I have to pay a price in blood.

  5. joy

    I want one of those signs! — I’ve owned my beloved grey since she was a baby — 22 years later, I still get nailed by her beak ever now and then!

    Whomever posted this pic — knows what owning a parrot entails:)


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