20 Responses to “I Pee On The Side INTENTIONALLY”

  1. seeeteee

    My mini dachshund Sophie does the same thing! It drives me crazy because it goes under the wee wee pad and then there’s a giant mess.

    • Grace

      If you think about how they pee their whole body is on the Pee Pad, They don’t know their backside is so close to the edge.

  2. nancy

    alot of small dogs don’t like the feel of the pads on their feet, try covering the pad with some newspqper and see if that makes a difference.

    • madisonpage0208

      We use newspaper and it makes no different. As matter of fact, the carpet gets smear with the ink from our pets’ paws. Yup, lots of oxyclean and paper towel AND carpet steaming in one section of the house.

  3. Grumpy

    There’s a pee pad that is supposed to draw them to the center.

    He’s 15….he doesn’t feel obligated to follow some silly human rules.

    • Heather

      I was going to mention that too Grumpy. They’re called Bulls Eye Pee Pads. I’ve never tried them but have been curious whether or not they really work.

  4. madisonpage0208

    At least your floor is linoleum which is easy to clean. Our 3.5 Poodle Maltese hand-stands then pees right on the edge of her newspaper “pee pad” every time. The rest of her piddle goes onto the polyethylene film which we use to cover her bathroom area to protect the carpet.

  5. Jennie

    You could try two pee pee pads, one absorbent side up and one right underneath it absorbent side down. It may work. He is so cute though.

    • Vicki Klaas

      There’s a pee pad called “Bullseye” that is supposed to attract them to the center. I haven’t tried it yet. My chihuahua prefers the rug by the back door. Oddly enough she never pees on the edge of the rug, always dead center! Ugh!

  6. veg-o-matic

    Well, my 14-year-old weiner dog does the same thing. I chalk it up to her just not knowing how long she really is. This also leads to her peeing on the sidewalk, while her front paws are on the grass! I guess she thinks that as long as *part of her is on the pad, it’s okay!

  7. MalteseMom

    I had a Maltese who was the same, lived the edges. So we folded a second pee pad so it was almost all edges and put it in the middle of the other pad (making sure all edges were inside the other pee pad, this sometimes take a creative folding)

    Fixed everything. He’d pee on the inside pee pad until all the inside edges had been covered.

  8. Sue

    I have a baby shorkie who does the same thing. I’ve purchased two large dog pads (assume they’re for huge dogs food and water dishes?) and place the pee pad on top of the large dog pad. She still pees on the edge of her potty pad, but at least it doesn’t affect my floors – just the large dog protective pad


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