16 Responses to “Dude, Where’s My Car????”

  1. Corrupt

    I am sorry for your car loss… but this gave me such a laugh… you gotta love dogs with personality!

  2. Sue

    AND, the cat is just as bad… she was outside on the front step the whole time. When I opened the door to let the police in, she was meowing for food. She saw the whole thing.

  3. Deb

    Oh I’m sorry for the loss of your car, but this post made me laugh. We have a supposed “guard dog” who barks at every and anything that even comes CLOSE to the house but God forbid a moth flies in while I’m letting in from his potty break. He runs and hides from it! He’s such a big baby. I always joke that if intruders could only get past the barking they could take whatever they wanted because he’d probably just sit there and pass gas while they helped themselves! LOL.


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