12 Responses to “I got a make-over!”

  1. Barbara

    I agree with the others..He looks very pleased with himself and the results of his adventure!! What a cutie!

  2. Mella Jacobs

    He must of seen one of those poor dogs they dye and thought he liked the looks of it.

  3. BonBon

    Yes, agree. And since when is it a crime to wear makeup? It looks adorable on him and he’s very happy!

  4. Catherine

    Awwwww. How cute!! Wish I knew about this when my Luna was a puppy. All the things she did behind, on the side of, and in front of me!!!! Thank goodness for crate training or she would have ate the house!!

  5. Redscity

    He is rocken it! Love his happy face!
    Yeah, Vespa. not all dogs need to be crated. Once in a blue moon my dogs go through the trash (but not all the time), I am not going to crate them.

  6. Ann Y.

    I love that smile, he’s very pleased with himself and he looks very fashionable 🙂


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