Q: I just submitted my dog yesterday, when will I see it online?

A: Dog Shaming receives hundreds of submissions every day and there is only one person to go through all the submissions. To top it off, only a select few will get posted every day. As of right now, the submissions are running about a three to four months behind. Thanks for your patience!

Q: How do I make sure that my picture gets posted?

A: While we cannot guarantee that your picture will get posted, there are certainly ways to help your odds:

  1. Make sure your picture has a sign (physical signs preferred over photoshop). No pictures will be posted without a sign.
  2. Is the writing legible? Make sure the writing is large and clear enough.
  3. No swearing. While some of the things our dogs do aren’t PG, we try and keep the language sensible.
  4. Please don’t post pictures of dead animals, it’s gross and makes us sad.
  5. I will not post anything where a dog is showing signs of aggression.
  6. Finally, make sure it’s funny and original!

Q: Are you guys on any other social media?

A: We sure are! Here’s a link to our twitter, facebook, and tumblr pages! Feel free to follow us on all of the platforms!