Submit A Dog

Thanks everyone for your submissions!

Below are the new posting rules on the website. Please make sure you are submitting the correct pictures and that pictures submitted aren’t upside down or sideways as they will not be posted.

Spelling mistakes and cursing will not be published (lolcat speak is fine). Every picture NEEDS a sign; that’s the premise of the blog. Please always type out what you wrote in the description box.
Please note that pictures don’t get published instantly; there is a backlog of a few months and dog shaming is only run by one person, so it takes time to get through all your awesome submissions!

I will not post any pictures of pets with dead things, or signs where pets have killed other animals, that’s gross and crosses the line (of course, dead chew toys are fine, dead mice, not so much).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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