10 Responses to “Gum, gum, yum!”

  1. Heather

    Maybe cleaning up all that puke will help your Mom remember not to leave gum around where you can get it. I think you taught her a gross but valuable lesson. ;)

  2. liz

    oh i feel your pain.. my dog got into my bottle of my meds and i had to give her hydrogen peroxide as well. I put it in a little bit of vanilla yogurt and she ate it on her own..

  3. vicki d

    I had no idea sugarless gum was toxic! my cocker has eaten several packs! My schnauzer did get a bottle of anti-diarrhea which is toxic and can cause death. It was a close call but she pulled thru. Accidents happen. My dogs are in a kennel when I cant supervise them and she still manages to get a hold of things.

    • quantakiran

      Not so easy if mom is diabetic and would like some basic treats (like gum and chocolate) for herself.

  4. Yarrow

    my pug thankfully cannot reach tables/counters and i dont have furniture situated so she can climb it to reach tabletops. i have to block off certain rooms and create a “pug zone” so she cant get to things. hope she feels better soon!


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