8 Responses to “Bath Time for Max”

  1. Michelle

    Omg he is so pathetically adorable! My dog HATES baths too, although mine cries and then usually pees all over. Ahhhhh for the love of dogs. 🙂

  2. Kristi

    I would cry too if i was 10 and getting washed with a garden hose. put this pooch in the bath tub. by a movable shower head.

  3. Anne Eklund

    I suspect my dog would rip my thoat out and drink my blood if I gave her a bath using anything but lukewarm water and organic shampoo…

  4. Goldie (@Goldielox73)

    Our lab mix will play in puddles of rain or snow drifts outside all day but will not go anywhere near a bath. If you call her name from the hallway, she pokes her head around the corner to see if you are near the bathroom before she will come.

  5. Miss Ellie

    Did you bathe your dog outdoors, in November, with cold water from the GARDEN HOSE? I would cry too. People Shaming Award nominee…


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