10 Responses to “Bread-eating Jerk”

  1. Sue O.

    You call your doggie a Jerk? That seems mean. How abt Bread eating machine, or bread eating destroyer, but jerk? Weird.

  2. Tanya Gamble

    Don’t be so offended Sue, I call my chow mix with three legs an asshole all the time.. because he kind of is. Hard life he had before we rescued him. Still doesn’t mean he is not one. LOL. Lighten up. (Examples, he makes us let him in the front door while the other dogs are at the back door every time we let them out to pee… He refuses to get off the bed when I want to lay down and he is in my spot… He refuses to leave the bedroom when I have to leave for work and the dogs are left in the living room and dining area… He growls at me in protest for all of the above..LOL) Very stubborn boy, but we love him to death and spoil him rotten.

  3. Beatrice

    That’s not mean or weird. Maybe what you mean is not as creative as could be? When you’re irritated… jerk seems appropriate. Super adorable pup tho, I’d have a whole lot of trouble staying mad at that face!

  4. Andi

    Chill out. I call my dog a loveable perverted jerk all the time because he eats my underwear. It’s not mean; just done for fun in a kind tone.

  5. Toni

    Tanya….my dog growls anytime he is made to do something he doesn’t like, its as if he is grumbling under his breath… when he really does something wrong and I yell at him to go to the cage…he walks realllllllly slow like he is dead man walking. Such a jerk.

    • Tanya G.

      My Cody even growls when we hug him..lol. I was a bit scared of him at first, but now I call it talking. It is his way of communicating way too much. We just laugh at it now because he is harmless. And to Andi, my Cody is perverted too..lol. When I get home from work every day, without fail, he humps my other male dog, a great perenees, golden mix… It is not funny, but kind of funny.. because he does it every day when I get home. I guess he is really happy I am home. even though they are both fixed males, and we have one more female golden retriever that he does not even try to violate in this way. She would have no part of it if he did.

  6. Toni

    btw….I call mine a little bastard all the time. He is but that doesn’t mean I don’t love him.

  7. esme

    If a dog acts like a jerk it can be called a jerk. The dog is even smiling after eating the bread. Dogs do have expressions and you can tell when a dog is thinking “and I’d do it again, ha ha,” which this dog is probably thinking.

  8. jillie

    Btw…my boy growls when he’s picked up or disturbed while sleeping. Reminds me of my dad.


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