9 Responses to “Cooper, The Bad Pug”

  1. Amie

    Ha my puppy did the same thing–ate some Junior Mints and came skipping out the er after she had to throw up acting like What’s up!

  2. Helene Lincoln

    My Scarlett seems to find chocolate all of the time. Once dogs get the taste of it, they literally crave it. Last episode was Christmas Eve 2011, when she ate an entire box of dark chocolate nonpareils. We now keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the house at all times; it induces vomiting & gets rid of the offending chocolate without the expensive trip to the vet. This is an accepted treatment recommended by my vet & others; use a small syringe available at most pet stores to administer small amounts (see Internet for weight/dosing) until chocolate is expelled.

  3. AJ

    We’ve given our Pug Hydrogen Peroxide Shots after he pulled some chocolate cookies out of the trash. Little Stinkers!

  4. Nancy C

    Hydrogen peroxide doesn’t work on my guy. I He’s had three “toxic events,” the first involving a dark chocolate bar with coffee beans. He has also eaten a bottle of Rimadyl. That episode was scary.


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