11 Responses to “Going Green”

  1. Lizard

    Oh man….sticktights don’t come off without just removing the hair or pulling them off one at a time.

  2. rory's mom

    You are covered in water lettuce my little friend. My Rory did the same thing and also rolled in some the of mud along the bank! UGH!

  3. SJT Patrick

    Ok, since this is my dog, I feel I can offer a little more info. Yes, he is a miniature schnauzer, just a little on the hefty size, and we live on a dead end street on the marsh of an island on the East coast. Not much chance of running in front of a car, here. It took a good hour with a comb, but thankfully no cutting. Usually this is something his sister does, but she never sits still long enough for a pic. We love our Sonny & Sissy.

  4. Ray

    This sounded just like my dog Copper. He dug under our fence and went swimming in a near by pond. He came home with a green tint, looked like his copper color weathered.

  5. Elaina

    Our dog chased and caught a deer once. She just stared at it trying to get it to chase her back.


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