13 Responses to “Homemade cone of shame”

  1. Jackie M

    Haha this is hilarious. I love that his shame is that you can’t even make a real cone. Hey you improvised to care for him and it worked! So funny though. What a beautiful dog too!

  2. tsophies

    My friend was saying that their dog kept chewing it’s paws so much that they were bleeding; turned out to be a rather bad medical condition. I’d get him checked out!

  3. Redcandies

    Get him checked by a vet. Last dog went in for a check on foot chewing ended up finding lumps….poor thing was full of CANCER. Have him checked!!!

  4. Bushman Jack

    You might consider gettiung the poor pooch checked out for ATOPIC ALLERGIES – dogs don’t chew on their feet for fun 🙁

  5. Miss Ellie

    Oh my god…bloody footprints? This poor guy needs help, not punishment. More attention, more excercise, a visit to the vet…What on earth is wrong with people?

  6. Miss Ellie

    Oh my gosh…bloody paw prints? This poor guy needs help, not punishment. Maybe more excercise, more attention, and a trip to the vet? Yikes…

  7. Taylor

    My dog had a real cone of shame from one of her emergency vet trips (poor pup stepped on glass when she ran away), but she figured out how to get around the regular cone, so we extended it… with poster board, like this one.

  8. Covie Checkers

    I love how almost everyone assumes you never took him to the vet. Our vet does not provide cones, and you have to buy them from Petco – and they can be scary expensive. This is a great idea! But my dogs would probably eat it off each other.


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