13 Responses to “I control the power!”

  1. Jayme Deerwester

    Yup, my beagle mix does it, too. My old car was a coupe so she didn’t really have rear windows until I got this car. And apparently, she’s making up for lost time.

  2. Lori Neumann

    My mini wire hair dachshund does this too. It’s really dangerous in the city because he thinks he has to defend me from people at the bus stop. Thank goodness I have child proof locks.

  3. Lee

    My staffy did that and would leave his paw on the button, he has now burned out the motor on two windows and they cost too much to replace any time soon. He is presently working on burning out the third. I’m working to help him enjoy the window without his paw always on the button. It’s a weekly driving challenge!

  4. Brenda Veselich

    they can get their heads stuck if the window goes up, can kill them, very dangerous! use your child locks always!!!

  5. esme

    my dog can click on the child lock button and either roll up the window while my husband in the store and lock him out or roll down the window if I am in the store and get caught ready to jump out. Now she has to wear her seat belt during quick runs into the store.


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