13 Responses to “Lucky Loves Her Neighbor!”

  1. Aileen Collins

    Lucky is lucky to have a sweet neighbor and so are lucky’s parents. 3 cheers for dog friendly neighborhoods!

  2. Jillibean

    Awww, Lucky is one smart dog! My neighbors two American Bull Dogs break into my yard on a weekly basis, they must be taking hints from Lucky!

  3. Stan

    Cutest pup ever!!! I’d love to live next to such a snuggly sweetie!!!

    (When I was a kid Muffin, the neighbors collie, used to pull a similar stunt!!).

  4. Leslin

    Now that’s the perfect definition of love thy neighbour!! (and break into their fence 😛 )

  5. Riini

    OMGOSH! I can’t believe my pic got published! SO excited!

    G’day from Lucky and I in Australia. Thank you for all your comments!

    Actually when she was a puppy, she wriggled her way in to my yard and that’s why we put some bricks under the fence but she just uses bare strength now. She’s such a friendly dog who just loves to play.

    I did hint to her parents that I wouldn’t mind having a puppy door so I could play with her but they must have thought I was just joking. :p

  6. Vin

    Sure, Why not. We will install a doggy door this weekend. Feel free to say hi to lucky….. She don;’t need to break-in anymore!!!


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