7 Responses to “Not What You’d Call Outdoorsy”

  1. Brigitte Reed

    Oh! My #65 lab/staffy mix does that when I try to make her go outside to potty in 30 degree weather. You aren’t alone Penny. : )

  2. Trixie

    My puppy mill rescue does the same thing. I call it her Hippie Passive Resistance. She turns into a noodle when I try to get the harness on her. It’s hysterical.

  3. Anna

    My dog does that too, but only to help me put his leash on faster because he can’t wait! If I don’t do it quickly enough, he gets upset and starts whining!

  4. shamelesscollegekid

    My 4 year old Dachshund looks JUST LIKE THIS, only male. And he gets excited when I put shoes on, even if I JUST took him out. Shoes=outside for him. Unless it’s raining. Rain, he does not approve of. Rain and snow make him act like that little girl.


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