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  1. Mir

    At least your dog just takes and hides them. My chocolate lab swallows them whole and then we find the whole pair of underwear when he poops them out. He also has a thing for swallowing socks. At least he passes them.

  2. Kristi

    i don’t understand all this with the eating underwear…I mean I understand a dog doing it. What I don’t understand is why people leave them out so the dogs can get them. I have 2 dogs and have never had a pair of chewed up panties. put your dirty clothes away and this won’t happen. don’t blame the dog, it’s the human being a lazy ass.

    • sexyzombiekilla

      I literally hide mine in the bottom of the hamper when my 5 month old White German Shepherd would dig them out. I’m not being lazy, I’m actually taking the time to keep them secure, but it is the matter of smart dogs vs humans, not lazy people.

  3. MR

    My yorkie waits outside my bedroom door and sneaks in whenever it is open. She then jumps in the hamper that is 3 ft tall in the bathroom and grabs my underwear out. She will drag all of the dirty clothes out until she gets to the underwear. I am not a lazy ass. She is just a very smart dog.

    • Lin

      agreed! My Morkie (maltese/yorkie mix) loves to steal my daughter’s undies if her door is cracked. Never mine or the 2 boys. but ..to drag them in a public place. Oh the horror if I hear DING DONG!!

  4. Kristen

    Have you met my Keeshond? She’ll even try to take the underwear right off of my daughters while their wearing it! I don’t think that it’s a matter of being lazy, it’s a matter of having an underwear-obsessed dog!!

  5. Michelle Godkin List

    Dear Kristi,
    Yes, I can be quite lazy. But I, also, have two of the smartest, sneakiest, quickest Cavaliers in the known Universe.
    My sweet, innocent-faced Rosie strolled by my laundry sorting pile and casually clipped a sock WITHOUT PAUSING. When I said “HEY, I saw that!” She dropped the sock and kept walking, as if she had no idea what I meant.
    Charley is more of a “snatch and dash” artist. Since my bathroom is too small to keep the hamper in, Charley tries to get in while I am showering to abscond with my socks or underwear. And if I don’t catch on, I am likely to find whichever in the fenced front yard, where the students from the middle school next door can see them as they pass by on their way home.

  6. Leigh

    You beat me to it! My two dogs are serious panty snatchers. They got 3-4 of my roommates the day she moved in! How embarassing.

  7. esme

    Mine sneaks into the bathroom and steals them as soon as I am in the shower. If I close the bathroom door while I shower she whines and cries so loud that that the neighbors complain. She even learned how to undo the drawstring from the laundry bag I bought.


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