6 Responses to “Ralphie is innocent!”

  1. Sonja Larsen

    Ralphie is definitely guilty of having chronic bed (or bag) head! Many thanks to the rescue organization that brought him into our lives. Ralphie says: recycle! adopt don’t shop!

  2. Emily

    Is Ralphie a Brussels Griffon mix? His long leggies look like my little guy’s, who is also a rescue (and a griff mix). My guy has the same scruffy hair and also loves to get into trash cans and shred paper even further… then spread it around the house……..

  3. Sonja Larsen

    Hi Emily, we don’t know what Ralphie is! we’ve thought about getting dna testing but sort of enjoy the mystery. We joke he is 100% twerphound.


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