17 Responses to “Rat Shame”

  1. J

    its because the cage is way too small. poor rat is gonna get crazy in there. and i hope he’s not alone. rats need rat-buddys!!!

    • ailis70

      In reply to J: You can’t tell from that itty bitty picture how big that cage is, or how small. And if you take the time to cuddle and play with your rattie, some thrive being the only one. I have raised rats for many years and don’t know a single one who didn’t exploit and enlarge a hole that was already started.

      • ajay

        J, how can you tell the size of that cage? that rat obviously is allowed out to run around and some rats just love to chew everything. my old cage was a 1 meter square with 3 rats living in it, loads of toys and boxes to play with but they still liked biting the bars and chewing up their house and my favourite towel for some reason. huge cage but still chewers.

  2. Bethy

    Ratties being ratties. Mine chewed my curtains and tons of other things. I learned early on the area around a cage must be clear of chewable things. And that cage looks like mine and I have the rat mansion so it’s big and virtually chew and breakout proof.

  3. Rosie.R

    Rats are so adorable! Mine used to pull the towel we covered her cage in of a night and chew it to bits by morning. Her bedding got so chewed that there was hardly any material left! She also chewed through out clothing oh and the computer mouse!! LOL. that one was funny!


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