12 Responses to “Snack Thieves”

  1. Jules

    Oh sure!! All pit bulls are vicious killing machines!!! This is proof that pit bulls are amazing animals who love to be part of a living family. I love these pictures and totally jealous that we can’t have great dogs like this in the UK.

  2. Piperwest12

    Shows why pit bulls were called the “nanny” dogs before stupid people started abusing them. Love how baby and dog have the same look of pure joy on their faces in the second picture.

  3. Elizabeth

    What’s the difference? Dirt is dirt. The baby doesn’t have cleaner dirt because he’s human. Don’t ruin an awesome thing. Take your dumb comments to Youtube.

  4. esme

    I think anon was concerned about the baby germs getting the dog sick. He/she probably doesn’t know about how dogs love to eat used baby diapers and their human beings’ dirty underwear.

  5. Kristi

    @ Piperwest12 English Staffordshire Bull Terriers is where the term “Nanny dog” came from. not pit bulls.
    I love them all, just get your facts straight.

  6. Elizabeth

    Staffordshire’s are just another type of Pit Bull. I have one, they’re sweethearts.


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