30 Responses to “Sofa Shame”

  1. Susan, Dexter and Karma

    Now I’m sorry to say but I think the cushion under Barry’s head needs some fluffing…. it looks a little flattened. I’m sure his loving humans will see to that immediately!

  2. Samantha Walters

    Michael Mantion, this Dog is hardly monstrous- look at him. Keep your breed prejudice to yourself.

  3. Danielle

    Yeah Michael, talk about rude! He looks like a great big baby. You should check your facts too, dumb ass!

  4. zephyr

    Barry: from Pig Dog to Couch Potato 🙂
    My lab lies like that too and presents what I call his “kissable mouth” haha

  5. Cynde Cooley

    I think he should be fanned and fed doggie biscuits just to complete the picture. So good to see a rescue dog getting what every doggie deserves!

  6. Ailsa

    Love this so much! What a lovely doggie and a lucky family to have him as park of their pack!

  7. Kim

    He looks EXACTLY like my rescue, Tigger! We got him about 6 mo. ago, too! We even call him Pigdog or Pigbat (because of the huge ears). Too funny!

  8. PJ Amyouny

    He is a beautiful rare brindle pig dog, worthy of massive love, kisses amd worship at all times. He shall now go up on the wall at Lagina Beach California Rescue as a truely handsome

    guy. PJ

  9. Elisa Burk

    Love, love, love this post-Barry, you big sweet baby! Ignore idiot Michael & his ignorant post-just stupid As others have said, many thanks & praise to you for rescuing Barry, & bringing him into your home & making him part of your family. I’m sure you’re a very kind person with a very big heart! Kisses to precious Barry!


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