12 Responses to “The Cat That Thinks It’s A Dog”

  1. Donna S

    That looks like a Maine Coon? We have one that fetches. If we say “Bring it back” she knows it’s time to play.

  2. Lois Hernandez

    We had a Maine Coon cat named Macho. We had him for 12 years and he weighed around 23 pounds in his prime of life. He looked just as handsome as your cat!

  3. lukuj

    Why would this beautiful creature want to be an animal not as smart and beautiful as a cat – though still lovable in its own way?

  4. mb

    Video! My goofball labrador buddy is also stuck inside a (huge) cat body (brown tabby). His paws and neck are massive and I’m pretty sure he has no idea he was born a cat.

  5. Christine

    I had a cat named Mr. Moo. When I whistled he would come to me, even when he was outside somewhere.


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