18 Responses to “Winnie the Sloppiest Kisser Ever!”

  1. wischirescue

    It is with a heavy heart I tell you that Winnie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. Her little body could no longer fight. She passed in the arms of her foster mom, quietly, knowing she was loved by many

  2. Joann Clark

    Im so sorry about Winnies passing , but she will not be in pain anymore, you shower her love, that was what she felt with you–so very important, God Bless you for loving caring an d sharing her with meand the world

  3. Lucy

    I understand so much how you must feel I lost my senior Elvis this year also. He was very old he passed in bed with me I watched him all night. The unusual moment was when all my other fosters howled as Elvis was passing as if they were all saying goodbye. I had never experienced that before. Elvis was loved by all the other fosters in my home. He was “The King”. My love to you for opening your home to Winnie. I am sorry seeing Winnie stirred up feelings in me about Elvis again. He was abandoned on a busy street and an angel brought him to me. I will always remember my boy with the curl lip.

  4. Jill A Coolik

    Winnie- Safe journey across the Rainbow Bridge. You were loved by so many. Much love going out to you, your family and friends. G-d Bless you sweet Winnie <3

  5. vickie

    So sorry for the loss of a precious furbaby, she’s healed and will be waiting for us all.

  6. Mary

    Bless you for loving this special little girl knowing she was crossing the rainbow bridge soon. :’)

  7. Beth

    Aw, so sad that Winnie has gone on to the Bridge. She was a lovely little girl! But she is healed and happy now and will be waiting for those who loved her so much. God speed, little girl. And God bless all those who love her and took care of her.

  8. Lily

    So very sorry to hear that your Winnie has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge.
    (Sweetest face ever.) She’s free now. RIP darling gal.


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