7 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays – Hank”

  1. Sara

    He looks adorable, but I think he may have to work on his sales pitch if he wants to be adopted.

  2. gloglix

    I wish I could adopt him, his résumé is just like the dogs that rule my house, and we love them unconditionally. honest sign, honest dog, he needs an honest home.

  3. Jeanine Elizalde

    I already have one of those. Rescue poodle who ate all my furniture, underwear, shoes and 2 years later still pees and poops on the floor. She’s lucky she’s so sweet.

  4. Michelle Godkin List

    My daughter has a rescue that she “cured” of indoor potty issues: She kept his leash attached to her belt or belt loop every day; she took him out to potty on a schedule; she dinged a “potty bell” with his paw and said “go potty” every time they went out the door; she took him to a specific area in the yard; she praised him mightily every time he did his business. If she had to leave the house, he stayed in his kennel, otherwise he was attached to Mom.
    It took time, effort, and patience, but he learned.

  5. laurakozin

    sounds like parents need training in potty training. a dog is not a potted plant – it must evacuate somewhere; show him where & make that accessible.


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