12 Responses to “Adoptable Fridays: Lexie”

  1. Liz

    Good yogurt (plain) helps tremendously with dog farts. Start with small amounts and make sure the yogurt has active cultures. Brands like Chobani are best. Best of luck

  2. lauren

    She is so cute but about the gas check to see if she has corn in her food my mastiff mix at 5 months could clear a room once I changed his food it stopped completely

    • alexdecampi

      Whoops, hi, Steve, I replied elsewhere rather than direct to you. Lexie can definitely be a solo dog! Please contact Red Hook Dog Rescue for an adoption application: harithspi at gmail dot com

  3. MH

    Lexie is adorable and your description is a scream! No sugar-coating here, no sir-ee-bob!

    About the farts, my rescue Matilda’s farts could burn eyebrows off, and she’s barley 30 lbs.. So I switched her to a different food (It’s California Naturals Kangaroo & Red Lentil – yes, Kangaroo, it took me a minute to process it too) and it cleared the farts right up.

    All human eyebrows now remain intact in my house, thanks to a corn-free diet for Matilda.

    Best wishes for a fur-ever home for Lexie!

  4. alexdecampi

    Hi Steve! She could be a solo dog at first! NO small dogs or cats for her though as she chases them. Contact Red Hook Dog Rescue for an application: harithspi at gmail dot com !

  5. cjb

    ^^Agree^^ Best dog bio ever! In our house it turned out that chicken in the kibble was the culprit. Switched to salmon or lamb kibble and the fumes cleared. DEF check into food allergies!! Please, something so simple should not keep her from finding a great home.

  6. cougarcrone

    How do we find about Lexie? We would love to give her a “forever” home. Have a fenced in acre. She would be a in and out house dog, farts and all. Cougar


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