4 Responses to “Batting a thousand!”


    I made the mistake of giving my Choc. Lab a large feather pillow before going out. When I walked in the door, feathers were still in the air !

  2. Thadd

    Haha, silly dog!
    Something you could try so you don’t have to keep throwing money away on dog beds is just buying some cheap bath towels from walmart for your furry friend to sleep on! If he shreds those up, it doesn’t matter, since they don’t cost anything and he can arrange his bedding how he wants 8)

  3. Jamie

    I buy cheap blankets at the local thrift store instead of dog beds. Lay 3-4 down and let him ‘nest’ all he wants

  4. whorlingtides

    Wow, four for four! You like things to be predictable, don’t you buddy? Anything else you’d like to re-arrange?


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