10 Responses to “Best hide-out”

  1. Bonnie Anderson

    My dogs do the same thing… so funny. If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.

  2. Claudette

    Lady, a small terrier used to go hide behind the garage to howl at the moon. She thought we would not recognize her singing if we couldn’t see her!

  3. Dixie

    I don’t think he is trying to hide from you. I think he’s pretty smart and he just doesn’t want to look at you when he’s in trouble. If he hides his head, then he can’t see the disapproval on your face!! Smart dog!!

  4. Elisa Burk

    Love, love, love dear Brutto-hilarious! Our beloved departed lab mix used to try to hide under our bed, she’d get under bed, but always got stuck because she was on the plump side; my husband always had to wrangle her out, every time!

  5. Elisa Burk

    Love your post, especially sweet, big ‘ole Barry. ignore idiot Michael & his ignorant post, just stupid. Like others have said, praise & thanks to you for rescuing your adorable big baby. He looks completly happy in his new home! I’m sure you’re a very good person with a big heart! Kisses to Barry!

  6. Elisa Burk

    So sorry above, confusing post ended up HERE..intended for below post, for Barry. Have no idea how/what I did…Again, so sorry.


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