6 Responses to “Breakfast Theivery”

  1. Katelyn Bradwell

    I have a weird vegetable and salad loving dog, Gypsy. Broccoli roots, dug up fresh from the garden is her favorite version of a bone to chew on. My husband left his breakfast unattended on the table once. There was a yummy omelette, and potatoes with onions, and a little salad of bitter greens. He was gone for about 20 seconds, and when he returned his salad was gone! Not a trace of it in sight, except for one lone sliver of arugula sticking out of Gypsy’s mouth, stuck to her lip. LOL. What self-respecting dog steals arugula and dandelion greens when there is an omelette available!?!

  2. Ruth Norton

    Oh yr Abby and my Cotton aren’t just similar in looks, but also in taste… She’s equally fiendish about scrambled eggs. Mind you, so are my cats too so :-/

  3. Rave

    My Indian ringneck parakeet loves scrambled eggs. If she sees me with some, I get no peace ’til she gets her own portion.

  4. Heather

    I got the biggest laugh out of this one! Thanks for sharing! Super-cute dog, BTW (as if you didn’t already know!). =)


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