8 Responses to “Bull Terrier Named Beans”

  1. Kristen

    Two of my dogs lived to be over 15. When people would ask what our secret was for the longevity of our dogs, I’d always reply, “They eat their own poop!” Some of the looks I received were priceless! Keep eating the poop Beans!

  2. Elaine

    Eating poop is caused way back from when they were very young. I would suggest you check out a professional dog person for some advice for your Beans.

  3. Line

    Eating poop means a potassium deficiency in most cases. Give them bananas, they’ll love you for it and it’s a cheap treat 😉

  4. stars15k

    Our Jack-chi-terrier, Lucy, would eat my doxie, Lil’ Squirt’s poop until we switched to a grain-free food. The food is digested much better, leaving only small, firm, almost dry turds; which Lucy doesn’t seem to like. We changed because Squirt is allergic to grass, something that is sad for a mini dachshund with 3 inch legs. He is now working hard to recover from a slipped disc, so sometimes drops a turd or two unaware, and his “bunny poop” is easy to clean up.

  5. Miss Ellie

    That is one cute dog. I love the photo…his expression and his little dog-space under the sofa. Awesome post.


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