8 Responses to “Candy Lover”

  1. Kathy

    Our Border Colie /lab…who looks Alot like the Candy Lover did the same thing the other day.

  2. Donna Murphy

    Lucky took a whole bag of unopened hershey kisses into her crate…the only evidence was all the silver wrappers. Guess the chocolate didn’t bother her, she lived to 17!

    • BonBon

      Our rather large dobie did the same thing when we didn’t know any better, he died at 10. No more chocolate in reach for r pups

  3. Molly Blair

    Aww, you didn’t know, our dog likes candy too. It tastes good, it’s just not good for dogs is all.

  4. Libby Linker

    Last year, at Christmas, our doggie didn’t eat the colorful hard candy in the pretty dish. She just licked it enough so it solidified into a lump so,when company came over and tried a piece of candy, it was a big, disgusting, still, soggy lump.

  5. roboprof

    I love the “I’m really not ashamed at all, thank you” face…..and why do dogs like candy so much especially dangerous chocolate?


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