10 Responses to “Cat poop taste better than sandwiches”

    • craig

      We have two dogs and a cat…. the litter box is always clean hhmmmmm..
      doggies wonder off for a bit and come back smacking their lips gross.
      I’m torn between cleaning the litter box and stopping the cleaners

  1. Julie

    What a BEAUTIFUL Dalmatian. I have had 5 of them over my lifetime and loved them all. I have a liver and white one like yours and he was just the sweetest, gentlest dog I ever had.

  2. Scott Anderson

    cat poop is not as tasty as horse poop (according to my dogs – I have no gustatory experience with either) horse poop has the added benefits of a high molasses content and it is fun to roll around in too (again, according to the dogs….)

  3. Kim

    WHY is cat poop so tasty? My dog will NOT leave the litter boxes alone even though he gets expensive, high-quality dog food, just as the cats get expensive, high-quality cat food! And thanks for the heads-up: he’s never, ever going to the barn with me. It’s bad enough that he eats the cats’ poop; I don’t want him eating or rolling in my horse’s shit!


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