15 Responses to “Chester dog, loves babies.”

  1. Britt

    That’s it. This has officially made me the happiest I’ve been in like a month. I love Chester. That last picture makes me laugh out loud every single time. I’ve looked at this page at least five times now.

  2. Leslin

    This reminded me of my girl, now long departed…….. 🙁 She was like a part time mommy to our cat’s babies… the cat trusted her so much she would actually leave her kittens with the doggie when she had to go out.. 🙂 miss her so much to this day… 🙁

  3. Annabelle

    THE BABY BIRD IS SO CUTE!!!!!!! (I’m a bird fan and owner, so look for the title “Rotten Melon” and that’s my bird!)


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