4 Responses to “Delicious Bra!”

  1. Mary Jo Wickelhaus

    My golden has a thing for bras too! I ordered some new ones online after he ate several of mine. The UPS driver delivered them to my door and unbeknownst to me, Jake ripped open the package and chewed up every one of my brand new bras in the front yard!

  2. Leeora Patterson

    My furbabies eats used kleenex and I try to hide them but he stills find them boy oh boy, is all I have to say, he eats napkins too,

    • BonBon

      My Shih Tzu does that now that he’s almost 18 & senile, but he taught my other dog to do it too!

  3. kiki

    My little one likes to eat dirty underwear……. he hides under the bed and growls if I look at him…..


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