10 Responses to “Destuffing My Toys”

  1. rowanceleste

    HA! I bought replacement squeakers, re-stuffed them and sutured them up and my dog would squeak away again! Even though he De-stuffed them, once the squeaker stopped working, he stopped playing with them, but after emergency reconstructive surgery, he’d play with them again.

  2. Helene Lincoln

    Dogs’ love of de-stuffing squeaky toys most likely comes from a wild instinct to eviscerate small prey. I’ve also heard that they like the sound of squeaky toys because that, too, reminds them of small prey.

  3. Merry De Leon Krueger

    My dog does that, but if the toy is large enough to serve as a potential love interest, then it is spared. Otherwise the stuffing comes out! His favorite toy is a Lambchop( like the old puppet) skin, he still chews on it and shakes it.

  4. ztev

    My dog does this too! I keep the ones he has de stuffed for him to play with. I call them his unstuffed animals. He still plays with them.


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