14 Responses to “Dexter the Destroyer”

  1. will

    haha i have had one of these pigs for about a year for my boxer i thought it really was indestructible but i guess not lol

  2. Sheila Halse

    Obviously a new career for Dexter beckons as a tester for indestructible toys. Although , having seen his wonderful face I could forgive him anything.

  3. Tori

    That pig must have done something very heinous to be killed by Dexter. Dexter only kills bad people as per Harry’s code.

  4. Alice

    Haha cute! I have a destroyer too.. she only gets toys with money back guarantees because so far nothing has been indestructable!

  5. M.A, Elliott-Rupert

    My Jack Russell can destroy one of these in less than 1 minute. I know because I have timed it. The ad that convinced me to buy 4 of them said a Tiger had it for 3 days before it was destroyed.

  6. Jackie

    My dog can join yours on the ‘test team’. I have yet to find a toy that he cannot destroy. It is frustrating, as he does enjoy them but I can’t justify the money when he shreds them in minutes.

  7. Katrina Barry

    I signed my ffuzzy guy up to be a indestructible toy tester. He got toys every month and destroyed them within minutes. I got tired of paying for a floor covered in fluff, even at half price. I have yet to find a toy he cannot destroy

  8. Megan

    Got this toy for my then 6 month old chocolate lab at the time, was stuffing free in lil over an hour..


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