9 Responses to “(Don’t) Listen to my Heart”

  1. Chris Rigling

    I guess you are thankful you aren’t perfoming invasive surgery to remove those parts from Kia’s “gullet”…..

  2. Connie

    Why wod anyone leave an expensive piece of equipment where the dog could get it?? Training helps stop destructive behavior.

    • Dr. Toad

      Bet you anything that Mom will never do that again. And she will make a point to learn those training tricks to teach her clients in the future. If our pets don’t teach us, who will??

  3. Zahnim Bjerke

    But Kia, it’s good that mommy’s in vet school. You’ll be well taken care of! Naughty, naughty! <3

  4. Ashley

    Aww, poor dog! He looks literally identical to my dog. The only reason I know it’s not him is because there’s no scar above his back leg. What kind of dog is it? Mine’s a rescue and he looks like all sorts of things!


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