8 Responses to “Early Christmas Presents”

  1. sally wallis

    My boy Jake left me a vast lake of puke in the hall for Christmas, bless him! He’s fine btw! 🙂

  2. SB_Australia

    Lol…my goggies didn’t LEAVE any Christmas gifts, but a few years back (before kids when I could put the gifts under the tree as soon as I wrapped them) he opened EVERY SINGLE GIFT under the tree one night. He played with the soft toys that were supposed to be for my nieces & nephews, he ate the edible gifts (resulting in a trip to the vets – from memory it was a Sunday too) & then played insanely in the wrapping paper, spreading it through the entire lower level of the house…that was the last year I put presents under the tree before Christmas…Pirate no longer lives with us (my Dad & step-Mum stole him & he is being spoiled rotten) but now I have little children who would do the same so it will be a while before I can start again!

  3. Elizabeth

    Is that a bark collar on the black dog? I want to get one for my chihuahua but I heard it’s mean and not effective.

  4. Taylor

    My dog left me a sack of coal on the kitchen floor on Christmas Day before I woke up and I think he thought I was naughty.


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