15 Responses to “Emma’s Hangover”

  1. Barb

    My dog takes beer bottles out of the trash. I keep waiting for her tongue to get stuck in one.

  2. Amanda

    my sister (moms dog) nosed her way into the cooler once to eat ice…when dad came out on to the porch to get a beer, the cooler was empty and she was napping in the sun. All the cans were pushed over the railing of the porch and had bite marks in them. She didnt drink the entire contents, just lapped at them as it sprayed out, and then nosed them off the side so no one would see her empties 😉 she was perfectly fine. My dog sleeps like the photo above sometimes too- very deep sleep- and he looks hilarious. I would post a photo of that too if the click of the camera didnt awaken him every time!

  3. Stacy with labs

    My dogs will drink out of my glass any given chance there is alcohol in it. They love it. Must always have it in your hand.

  4. Dungeonmaster Jim

    One year we gave our (big) GSD a little bit of Manischewitz on a plate (I think it was during Passover). He took a lick, walked to his bowl, drank some water, casually walked back and finished the rest of the wine. He slept soundly after that.

  5. Shawn

    My pitty Maynerd used to open the fridge and get out every beer in there, chew the cans and then fall asleep in front of my front door. I took the handles off the fridge and he figured out how to open it by hooking his teeth in the side, I made my boyfriend quit bringing beer over. Maynerd never did get into the food though, just the beer… lol big ole baby.


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