11 Responses to “Fear Peeing”

  1. Dee

    I had a K9 patient like that . . . only it was with blonde women . . . and direct eye contact . . .
    Another was an excited pee’er . . . .We would come armed with towels. throw one under her tush and another over her as she rolled over for belly rubs because she would turn into Old Faithful. She would get a half bath and a spritz of K9 deodorant before leaving . . .

  2. kathy

    Both of my cockers submissively pee. Inside I can control that by having any visitor come in, not look at them and sit for a few minutes. Then they are fine. If they bend over to pet them as soon as they walk in, they pee. Outside it’s a whole different ballgame.

  3. Samantha T

    Wow! Your dog is a spitting image of mine!!! What is it? Mine is also really afraid of men 🙁

  4. Marianne Roycroft

    I had a GSD that peed whenever she was petted. She was a darling girl. Your dog is gorgeous, love the fluffy ears. What breed is he?

  5. Brittney

    She was a rescue – she’s a lot better now but still afraid of tall men especially – she also had severe case of separation anxiety when we got her 🙁 I’m actually in the process of doing one of those doggy DNA tests but we think she is flat coated retriever

  6. charlienchico

    Brittney- I’m dying to know what you get back- yes she looks like a flat coated retriever- any idea how old? She can be my girl’s twin. Mine is an AKC Golden Retriever x Lord knows what cross. She has been doing everything she can to make it on Dogshaming but I haven’t been smart enough to post it.

    • Brittney

      OK we just got the results back – according to test one of her parents was a Golden Retriever / Corgie Mix and the other could be any combination of (Beauceron,terrier, Briard, Deerhound, Wolfhound) – I find this hard to believe as she blatantly looks like a flat-coated retriever! When we got her a year ago they said she was between 2 and 4 🙂 she’s a sweet pup – just had a bad former owner I think

  7. Marianne Roycroft

    SHE is adorable. We are awaiting DNA results on our Rottie cross,he has fluffy ears like your girl.. He is also a rescue and the worst guard dog in the world. You can see him on here earlier in December ‘Rottweiler (in) Security.
    Would love to know the results of your test.


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