19 Responses to “Greasy”

  1. Joyce

    My Golden did the same thing in my upstairs hallway, not nothing including painting over it with killz would make it go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marty

    I have the same thing in my laundry room, we walk thru there to go for a walk. He is adorable grease and all

  3. Cyndula

    My dog does the same and I agree with Stephanie – Magic Eraser TOTALLY cleans mine! Works great. Your dog is adorable.

  4. laurakozin

    3 spots in the house need regular cleaning for this “issue” – two where the dog leans again the wall laying down, and one corner she rubs against rounding a corner into the bedroom. Simple Green in water sponges it off.

  5. stella

    I used semi-gloss paint in the area wear the dog rubs and never had trouble getting the stain off with warm water and a towel.

  6. Cora

    My Nigel likes to rub against the walls to dry himself off from the rain. Fortunately it’s on the ground floor of my condo building so no stains inside the house. Nigel also likes to rub up against the padding inside the service elevator if walls didn’t do their job of drying him off.


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