13 Responses to “Hammond Cheese”

  1. MBT

    Getting fluids on us come with the job! We know this. That is why we keep extra clothes at work!

  2. Melodie Dalton-Brown

    He’s still a baby, and has no mom or littermates……..with time and your love he will gain confidence. But not having his fist 8 weeks of dogy warmth and example will be very stressful for him. I suggest carrying him in a shawl around your back ‘African style’ when ever you can, he needs constant warmth and heartbeat. Good luck and my congratulations on your kind-hearted adoption!

  3. laurakozin

    he’s a baby, that’s what babies do. he just doesn’t have a diaper to “civilize” him. puppies normally have mom right there to wipe up after them. please give him some slack. infants are innocent of shame. good luck with you kind adoption!


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