4 Responses to “Hank the Acorn eater”

  1. Katelyn Bradwell

    My Gypsy-dawg LOVES acorns. I harvest the to make acorn flour and roasted acorns. She steals them whenever she can, shells them neatly, and eats the nuts. 🙂 Luckily she does NOT puke them back up.

  2. Ameerah

    Please be careful! I recently found out that acorns are toxic to dogs… they were all over the dog park and my dogs were eating them up- one of them eventually threw one up later on that night too. Thankfully both of my dogs are fine, but I’m going to be watching them VERY closely now so they don’t eat anymore, Please do the same!

  3. anmlluvr

    Be very careful, acorns are toxic to dogs, peach pits are too. Recommend not letting them eat them nor use as a chew toy!

  4. JenJen

    Man, I hope some of the commenters are wrong about the acorns being toxic. They are all over my yard, and there’s no way to keep my two out of them. They’ve been chowing down for 2 months now at least…no damage yet. My vet said it wasn’t ideal, but probably not a big problem.


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