17 Responses to “horse poop eater”

  1. Jen Ables

    usually means the dog has worms…just a heads up, might want to get her checked out. otherwise, she is purely a walking stink bomb!

  2. Richard Dietzen

    That’s normal dog behavior for acquiring probiotic bacteria from a herbivores gut, classic for Wolves and carnivores. Has also have a useful way for dogs to perfume/disguise themselves for the hunt by disguising themselves as their quarry another throwback to wolf behavior, as is commonly said/known. I should package and ship the stuff from my horse farm. My dogs only preferred the fresh stuff though, better to get the best dose of bacteria I suppose.

  3. Emilee

    Your dog might have worms my dog did that then it rained the next day lol he can prevent the weather but check its poop for worms after it uses the bathroom don’t touch it tho if it has worms get mediceme


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