8 Responses to “I Eat Groceries”

  1. Storm

    Oh dear! My little Stormie girl got into our turkey innards once. All 6 lbs of her dragged the neck up the stairs and presented it to us at 5 in the morning. She smelled like a turkey!

  2. trolleela

    wow! They taught the mother dog how to carry in groceries all by herself? That’s impressive. Let her kid have the pork chop.

  3. whorlingtides

    Winnie, I’m with you…in our house the people are vegetarian and the doggies eat the meat like substances. oh, not that way at your place?

  4. Heather

    Our golden retriever Kerry (1980-1992) once left us a pie tin for our thanksgiving dessert. She had eaten the entire pie was cooling in the back room. Then put herself to bed. 🙁

  5. Shawn

    My minnie doxy Sassy (1999-2010) used to put her nose into every bag that came into the house if it was sitting on the floor; but luckily she didn’t eat anything. She was just looking for a new toy.

  6. Wendie

    Oh I just love this !!! I have a one year old black and Tan Doxie also named Winnie ! Well actually it’s Winnifred Elizabeth Cannon, aka Winnie Boo Boo Child. LOL, love your pic , so cute. Her knows her did wrong 😉


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