7 Responses to “I Feel No Shame”

  1. Leeora Patterson

    My dog broke out of his kennel one time and he destroyed a artifical plant and he pooped all over the rug and he had no remorse, but he’s the cutest little guy around and I wouldn’t trade him in, I rescued him from a pet store, He was the best buy that I ever bought, He’s my right hand fur baby,

  2. Carla

    Look at that face.. you can’t be mad for long (at least, not till the next time you have to go potty…..)

  3. Laura

    Is that an Australian Kelpie? Hard to tell with the big yawn, but it looks very much like my dog.

  4. Elizabeth

    You can’t rescue a dog from a pet store. Don’t buy dogs. Look up why on the internet if you disagree.

    • Becca

      Most pet stores have weekly adoption events where the local rescues bring their adoptable animals so it is possible to rescue a dog from a pet store.


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