8 Responses to “I thought it could use a sunroof.”

  1. roboprof

    My catahoula tore out the metal bars of 2 dog crates…the first the black metal kind, the second the heavier stainless steel kind. He was sh owing his displeasure with crating tho I won’t leave him alone in house (see other posters’ eaten furniture!) Solution? A great doggie day care 2 times a week…Tuesday and Thursday…..he has fun lots of exercise for 8 to 9 hours while I am at work….no problem with crate now!

  2. Lucy's mom

    The first crate she destroyed was a metal crate. She chewed the crate tray to bits and bent the wires so that she could knock open the latch and escape. After this second crate, I gave up and let her loose during the day. When I first rescued her, she had pretty bad separation anxiety. I guess it was little Houdini’s way of telling me she was just fine!

  3. Nadiene

    Little Lucy has quite the satisfied look on her face! My eldest beagle boy shows much less remorse when caught red-handed.


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