11 Responses to “I’ll take a bite of that…”

  1. Lisa

    Bichons use to be bred as circus performers, so their ability to do tricks is impeccable. My mother has one and she can jump from the floor onto the kitchen counter in one hop. She’s amazing!

  2. Holly

    My lab does that anytime she wants something. She’s the first big dog I’ve seen who can sit like that for long.

  3. Holle Weiss-Friedman

    When our doxies do it, we call it Show Dogging, Prarie Doggin’, or Mercatting — Luckily they have not connected it to begging for food. They just do it randomly to get attention. Like they don’t get enough attention just being so damn cute!

  4. Leslin

    my late Pomeranian loved sitting like that.. with goggles on her eyes… she was such a poser… 🙂 miss her so much 🙁

  5. BonBon

    She is the curest, irresistible. My Shih Tzu used to do that all the time for the same reason, and it never failed him either. He’s almost 18 now and either he can’t do it or forgot…he forgot how to bark….


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