11 Responses to “I’m a good helper!”

  1. LoriBelle

    Good Kuma, good, good Kuma!!!!! Maybe now Mama and Pop will get something more tasteful.

  2. Brandy Thorn

    Oh my.. you people are rude and stupid! ! How are you gonna bash someone on their taste of furniture and talk crap about the dog being outside all day…what were they suppose to kennel it all day! Get a life and I like the way she remodeled!

  3. Connie

    OMG – Do you people really need to slam other people. They I am sure love their dog, and what do you care if their cushions were maybe not what you would use. I think that some of you are real BULLIES!

  4. esme

    My dog stayed by herself all day when we had to work. I got her as a gift when she was four months and we were gone from about 7:30 AM until 3:50 PM. I could have said no I don’t want her and then she would have gone to a shelter. We were lucky that she didn’t destroy much and used the pee pads when we were gone.
    People who are saying bad things about being outside all day, maybe they have a doggy door or the puppy is like a chow mix we had when were young that hated being in the house.


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