4 Responses to “I’m just a witttle puppy”

  1. Libby Linker

    Are you sure, I mean 100% sure, Kobe shouldn’t just get whatever he wants? He’s super adorable. I think maybe he can have the David Yurman, and the marker and a treat. Plus a belly rub. Whose a cute puppy? Oh, sorry.

  2. whorlingtides

    oh come on…it is fun slicing through poop for precious jewelry. so what the cute puppy wants, the cute puppy gets. or better yet…secure the jewels for the time being. surgery is expensive and dangerous when all you have to do is put it away!

  3. marlsmom

    Before I commented, I had to look up David Yurman. Ok…puppy probably should stay away from the jewels. But he is one cute pup!


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