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    • Jackie

      Laurie, are you one of those people who thinks every single thing is a sign of bad treatment? I have been around so many dogs and they have personalities like people and sometimes no matter how well treated they still have quirks and weird habits.

    • momdownthestreetEddie

      Uh oh….my dog has never been introduced to an elephant and may behave strangely if ever introduced to one. How sad. Perhaps he is not well socialized…..I better get right on it.
      Seriously people get over yourselves…….

  1. Missy Pants

    My 10kg dachshund Lil Dood does this. In the park, he’ll spot a toddler, and run full tilt at it, barking, get within 4 feet and then run away afraid, but only after he’s terrified the child for life. /sigh

    (My female, Jamjam, will run up and jump in their faces and knock them down to better lick their salty tears.)

  2. KC

    We weren’t sure how our lab would respond to my friend’s toddler. First, she ignored him. Then she went to give him a good sniff. He got excited and started shrieking (happy sounds but horribly loud) and the poor dog couldn’t get away fast enough (hard wood floors did not help). Now she avoids munchkins like the plague.

  3. Laura

    Aww…Sasha, don’t be ashamed! Babies can be very scary, they make weird noises that you are not used to. Also, My dog barks at Christmas decorations that people put up outside, especially the Reindeer that light up!!

  4. Elisa Burk

    Oh, sweet Sasha, I think you’re just trying to remind your Mommy that YOU were a baby first! Many kisses to you, dear one!

  5. zephyr

    My previous dog, a very soft Rhodesian ridgeback, always wanted to comfort children. If she saw a small child (preferably girl) sitting crying in the park she’d approach slowly and sit quietly near the child gently nudging and offering comfort in a doggy way. She was under instruction not to lick tears even though she wanted to! Invariably the kid would stop crying.

  6. esme

    My dog is terrified of the angel statue a neighbor put up. She didn’t mind any of the Halloween decorations and even walked up to sniff them. I’m glad she isn’t the kind that pees on herself. Although I do have human friends that do that when excited.

  7. Pam B

    Maybe Sasha was just impersonating a baby? Crying(barking) and wetting themselves is what babies do, after all.

  8. Taylor

    My coonhound is now 12 and has started to get used to the idea of small children. She didn’t move much on Thanksgiving when a three year old wanted to pet, and lay all over her. A 20 month old came over last week, and my dog only moved when she was being pat too hard. Two years ago, she tried to hide in the corner while my boyfriend’s niece (don’t remember exact age, but was still wobbling when walking) tried to pet her. It may just come with age.


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